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These are our youngest tamariki (under 2’s). Upon enrolment they are assigned a primary caregiver and join that teacher’s small group. Our teachers are passionate about caring for infants in a very respectful way and will include them in everything they do throughout these moments.


Relationships become strong based on trust and respect from both the child and their caregiver, as well as whanau. When the group on average reaches 22-24 months of age the entire group will transition with their caregiver
to the Teina space.

Our pepi have their own dedicated indoor and outdoor play space, plus two sleep rooms. 





These are our oldest tamariki (3½-6 years). They are based ‘next door’ in their own space. Visits between the two buildings happen often, so siblings are able to spend some time together. Tuakana teachers are passionate about providing a curriculum which focuses on building children’s love of learning through play opportunities and an intentional teaching approach that supports the development of the dispositions and skills that we know are important to be a lifelong learner.

Through a rich, play based curriculum children are encouraged to problem solve, ask questions, try new experiences, make friends, work together (and alone), while developing the fundamental attributes that primary schools are seeking from new entrants. Numeracy and literacy development is infused throughout every day routines and happenings.

A special part of our curriculum is "Out & About" where we regularly take children for walks outside of the centre to be in nature and our local community.

These tamariki are aged between 2-3½ years. Upon enrolment they are assigned a primary caregiver and join that teacher’s group, similar to Pepi although the groups can be a bit larger.

 Care routines are carried out by the primary or a secondary caregiver. Teina have whanau time where they sing waiata, read stories and interact together as a whole before lunch.

In the early afternoon a lot of Teina children sleep, and those that don’t are encouraged to engage in play opportunities which reflect their current interests.  

As Teina children approach 3½, and as space permits, they will start to migrate into Tuakana. 

Our teina tamariki have a number of indoor play spaces, a sleep room and their own large outdoor play area.

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